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in Oregon are confirmed as victims of child abuse each day
% of children
seen by Oregon’s CACs were 12 years old and younger
are saved when the abuse of one child is prevented

Effects of Child Abuse

“There comes a moment when I can see the child is watching me closely, and they are trying to make that decision about whether or not to open up and whether or not I am someone who is trustworthy- and whether or not it is worth the risk for them to have to open up and talk about what is very painful. Then I see the child square her shoulders and take this leap, and start to talk about the things that have happened in her life… and then it just comes pouring out. I wish everyone could see that.”

– Medical Director, Carol

“I live every day striving to be the person that I needed when I was a child. For those who are fortunate enough to not have experienced sexual assault and the devastating aftermath, please know you likely know someone who has. Please know your words and actions hold so much power. You can make a difference for survivors of child abuse and there are a million ways to help. Here’s to shining that light. ”

– Survivor, Aubrey

“I recently interviewed an elementary-aged child whose step-parent had just that week started to sexually abuse the child. The child explained that it was a video shown during a class lesson on body safety that made them think that what their step-parent was doing was “not a safe touch.” Their teacher said “people have to speak out!” The child told their parent after school, which not only stopped their own abuse from escalating, but also stopped the abuse to their sibling, which had been unknowingly happening for years.”

– Forensic Interviewer, Allie

% of inmates
surveyed at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility were sexually abused as children
% of gunmen
involved in mass shootings had a history of child abuse
. victims
on average are reported by sex offenders in Snake River Correctional Facility

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Investing in preventing child abuse and reducing its impacts is the smartest investment individuals, corporations, foundations, and legislators can make. Eliminate abuse and you will drastically reduce school behavior issues and drop out, youth suicide, homelessness, addictions, mental and physical health symptoms, crime, and more. All Oregonians benefit as more people get involved with this cause.


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